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We're focused on providing you with a worry-free painting experience based on a customized project plan - complete with safety and cleaning guidelines to keep you and our teams safe. We look forward to providing you the best customer experience possible.
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We offer both residential and commercial Painting Contractors as one of the market's leading painting service providers. We take pride in our work and strive for perfection in everything we do. Our painting contractors, whether residential and commercial, are dedicated to providing high-quality services that are suited to your needs. If you're a quality-conscious homeowner seeking for customised painting services for your home or workplace, we can connect you with professional painters who can help you achieve your goals. Take a peek at the projects we worked on the "Portfolio" page.

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Samet Painting is a Melbourne-based company that offers painting services for both residential and commercial painting contractors establishments. We combine great craftsmanship and industry knowledge to provide consistently excellent results. Since the beginning of our company, we have been serving the Melbourne community with a dedicated professional team. To assist you achieve the desired effects, our contractors use cutting-edge technology and world-class home painting solutions. We recognise that painting your house entails more than just putting paint on the walls. We personalise our painting services to ensure that your home reflects your preferences.


Professional Painting Contractors in Doncaster and Others suburbs

Samet Painting group in Melbourne transforms homes and businesses by providing expert services with a proven process, giving you more time to enjoy moments that matter in the spaces you love. 

Samet Painting is a locally owned and operated painting company based in Melbourne. We are your local house and commercial painting company.
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There’s the person you talk to on the phone, the person who manages the project, and the person who is holding the brush and rollers. A commercial building is often large enough to need more than one or two painters. So ask your sales agent—likely the first person you talk to—who is managing the project, who will be on-site at the job or is otherwise in charge of making decisions, and who has authority.
This differs from “What kind of materials do you use?” When you ask “do you use” you’re giving the painting contractor wiggle room to say things they’ve used for past customers. “What kind of materials will you be using” asks what they’re showing up with in the truck for your project and commercial space.

Not all paint is the same. Samet Painting only works with premium quality paints like Dulux & Haymes. Ask your job manager for recommendations if you have special needs for low-VOC or unique blends. Medical facilities, schools, and other commercial property with safety needs have options.
The nutty thing about some paint companies is they stick to residential and when a commercial paint job comes along, they want to do the job but don’t have the equipment to do it. They might lack the ladders, scaffolding, or prep work supplies to handle a large painting job in a commercial space. So they outsource the painting crew entirely to another company or hire a few more painting subcontractors.

This isn’t inherently bad, but it does add to the cost of your project. Those painters might lack general liability insurance, communication skills, or quality training.
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